The Ultimate Size Guide For Social Media Videos

The Ultimate Size Guide For Social Media Videos

Video advertising’s peak success has arrived. In order to connect with their audiences, many businesses and people are producing vast quantities of video material.

Videos have become more popular on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. They can make any boring piece of information interesting.

Since the production of high-quality films no longer necessitates an antiquated skill set and logrolling efforts, it has quickly become the most looked forward to type of internet entertainment.

However, since different social media sites have different requirements for video posts, user engagement is typically sacrificed. That’s why, as a marketer, you need to make sure your videos aren’t only high quality, but also have the right dimensions and sizes for each platform they’ll be shared on.
Facebook Video Size Reference

Engagement with videos is at least 59% higher than with other post formats.Facebook users may upload and share a wide variety of video formats, each of which offers a unique experience.
Distributed Video Content

Video posts in News Feed now ‘autoplay’ when you load the page. It’s a staple of the social media platform. Videos from your social networks and favourite companies.

Videos can be either landscape or portrait when they are shared.
Streaming 360-Degree Videos

Videos shot in 360 degrees are given special treatment in Facebook Feeds. To record a movie in 360 degree format, go to the Advanced menu, change the default camera setting, and then choose the 360 Controls tab.

By just scrolling the mouse with a touch, your audience may get a whole 360° view of your films.

Facebook Video Ads The average cost per click for Facebook Video Ads is $0.97.

Facebook advertisers heavily employ the use of video content to promote their wares and names. Marketers need to be cautious to acquire the proper specifications of each form of Facebook ad.

Link to Desktop Video Newsfeed
Videos posted to the Facebook Desktop News Feed Link also display in the right column of users’ news feeds, making them identical to the shared videos. These advertisements can have either a square or landscape shape.

Looping Commercial Videos

When compared to Facebook’s static advertisements, carousel ads receive 10 times as many clicks.

Using a carousel ad, businesses may display various pictures before luring customers to click on a link. They’re a great way to get people talking about your business and your products, and they’re a lot of fun to make.

Ad Video Collection (on Mobile Devices)

The Collections advertisements are great for promoting clothing and other retail items that come in a variety of colours. Three further photos of the advertised goods follow the film, further immersing the viewer.

Commercials on Canvas

This sort of premium content offers mobile consumers a wealth of knowledge accessible by swiping and scrolling. There is no word count restriction on these types of adverts.

Promote your products with a slide presentation of videos
Ad agencies and companies use slideshow videos to target users with low-bandwidth connections. Slideshows or collections of photographs are used instead of a video.

Instagram’s Recommended Video Sizes Cheat Sheet
Instagram videos have advanced significantly with the launch of Reels. According to recent data, nearly 5.2 million individuals have watched Instagram videos made by brands.

Instagram ads are a worthwhile financial commitment. Let’s talk about what makes each Instagram video type unique.

Videos on Instagram

Captivate your Instagram followers as they browse by posting interesting videos. These films are a creative and entertaining method of keeping viewers interested in your brand. The Instagram Video Tab was a combination of IGTV content and standard feed video that debuted in 2021.

Looping Commercial Videos

When numerous pieces of material are included in a single post, it is called a “carousel.” The many images (shown by the dots below the post) provide a step-by-step guide outlining the benefits and proper application of the advertised product.

Paid Instagram Stories

Use Instagram’s stories feature to captivate your audience with fascinating narratives. Instagram Stories may have up to 10 photos and videos and disappear from your feed after 24 hours. You may also post this to your personal Facebook page.

Videos from Instagram’s IGTV

Instagram’s IGTV format is widely utilised for longer-form videos by marketers. Live sessions and short series such as interviews, do-it-yourselfs, tutorials, and more can also be posted there.

YouTube Reels Instagram
Instagram reels are the most popular type of Instagram video content. This alternative to TikTok enjoys phenomenal organic reach and gives its users the chance to participate in current trends for increased interaction.

Twitter’s Recommended Video Size Guide

Twitter users send and receive 500 million tweets every day. The sports and entertainment industries utilise this medium extensively to spread their brand narratives. Let’s look at what kind of video requirements they have.

Twitter’s Native Video Player

Twitter now supports video uploads in both landscape and portrait orientations for in-feed posts. Twitter makes it simple to post organic material, even though links to YouTube and Vimeo videos won’t work. The following parameters can also be used for advertisements in premium video content.

YouTube Video Size Conversion Guide

Daily YouTube video views consistently exceed 500 hours.

Marketers may use Youtube to spread word of their products by uploading entertaining videos to the platform. Let’s have a look at Youtube’s minimum system requirements and technical specifications for posting videos.

To sum up

The video content specs cheat sheet is now available to you. Use the best video tools to begin planning your video content campaigns and harness the power of social media network marketing.

You can maximise the impact of your video shares by scheduling them in advance using SocialPilot. Learn more about your audience and what they like by monitoring your social media metrics. Get started with a free trial and learn how to maximise your effect across numerous social networks.

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