Marketing Your Company On Instagram

Marketing Your Company On Instagram

In a matter of years, Instagram has gone from being a curiousity to a major player in the social media landscape. There are already more than 600 million monthly users of the photo-sharing app throughout the world. Businesses and marketers have been eager to use the social media platform to boost brand recognition and sales, just like Facebook did before it.

With Instagram, you can forego the “hard sell” and connect with customers in a whole new way. Instagram users engage with your company in a natural, unobtrusive way when you publish the correct photographs and utilise the proper hashtags.

Instagram is being used as a marketing tool by everyone from mom-and-pop vintage garment shops to multinational corporations. However, a thriving enterprise sometimes comes at the expense of a failing one. Customers are increasingly turning to social media for research before making a purchase, but setting up a profile on a platform doesn’t ensure success.

You may increase your chances of success by using some methods before you blindly dive in and hope they pan out. Instagram is often regarded as a powerful tool for building a brand and promoting a product since people learn best via visuals. The question now is how to convert those “likes” into actual dollars.

Creating Your Account Details

Instagram is a mobile application for sharing photographs. Never utilise your existing personal Instagram account to advertise your business, blog, charity, or event. Despite how adorable your Corgi may be, potential customers do not want to see photographs of you eating lunch all day long. You should not have your followers sift through your personal life in order to find any content related to your company.

If you wish to use an account for your company, you need to make a new one. You should probably set your company’s logo as your profile photo on the new account. If you need a logo but don’t have one yet, you may hire a designer for $5 on the website Fiverr.

Set Up Your Attempts

Since Instagram is all about visuals, it goes without saying that your product should be prominently featured in your posts.Examine the content posted by competing brands that offer comparable items and take note of the number of likes and comments they receive.

Due of Instagram’s immense popularity, several studies have been undertaken, yielding a wealth of useful analytical data for companies. You can learn a lot about your followers and the Instagram community as a whole with the help of services like WEBSTA and Iconosquare.

Labels and Subheadings

Instagram lets you add a caption to your photo. The worst possible approach would be to try to “hard sell” here. It doesn’t take long for customers, especially tech-savvy ones, to see through a salesperson’s aggressive tactics. If that happens, they’ll stop following you and may even forget who you are. Instagram is not a place to directly promote sales, but rather to raise brand recognition. While Instagram won’t directly increase revenue, it might help buyers choose your business over the competition.

Research shows that when you use more than five hashtags in a post, less people interact with it. Be sparing with your hashtags; Instagram users may view you as desperate if you use too many. You may always add a comment to the original article if you need more than five. Your post’s caption will seem cleaner as a result of this.

Write Regularly

Instagram is quite busy. If you don’t update frequently, people won’t be able to locate your posts since they’ll be buried behind a mountain of new ones. Although the Internet has expanded market opportunities, it has also made it more challenging to stand out and be remembered.

On average, the most popular Instagram accounts share six new snaps each week. Instagram, according to experts, uses the “Burrito principle.” That’s right, nowadays anybody can check Instagram whenever they want (even while eating a burrito). In the end, it’s probably more necessary to post often than at a certain time of day. You may learn more about when your target audience is on Instagram by consulting the aforementioned analytics providers.

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