Techniques for Increasing Instagram Followers Via User-Created Content

Techniques for Increasing Instagram Followers Via User-Created Content

Want some fresh material for your Facebook and Instagram posts? Trying to get people more involved? With an Instagram UGC campaign, you may achieve both of these objectives. User-generated content (UGC) refers to any material produced by users, whether it be text, photos, video, or audio.

User-generated content (UGC) on Instagram made by your target audience may assist other potential customers see themselves in those creative assets, increasing the likelihood that they will join your sales funnel via a number of different entry points. Your brand’s credibility will increase, your audience will get more involved, and your bottom line will benefit. It doesn’t matter how big or little your company is, you should always push your consumers to share your content, and you should always share what your customers are sharing.

Learn where to find user-generated content for Instagram

When do you even start? The great thing about social media is that you can make it more interactive, imaginative, and conversational. We’ve had great results recommending that customers create a hashtag trend, pose a question, or form influencer connections. The following are some strategies that may be used to begin gathering UGC for Instagram.

Begin a hashtag movement

Inspire your followers to share and display their own contributions by providing them with a custom hashtag to use. Examine the Instagram hashtags of the relevant channels to see if the ones you’re considering are already in use. Sharing how they’re utilising a retail product you’re selling, a tool you’re offering and something they produced with it, or the ways in which your service improves their lives is a great way to get people to use your hashtag in articles you publish. You’ll be able to keep tabs on contributions with ease, especially on social media platforms like Instagram, where you can search for and then follow a hashtag. This may also be your go-to source of inspiration if you feel like posting user-generated material.

Post a query

We can easily solve this one: Pose a question and invite your followers to tag you in a post they’ve made. After all, it’s human nature to appreciate attention and pride of place.

Join forces with key opinion leaders

At a broader scale, celebrity endorsements of items on social media are commonplace. Due to the significant financial outlay this needs, it may be difficult for startups or organisations with little resources to implement. There are strategies for forming partnerships with microinfluencers, so don’t worry. Those operating a clothes store, for instance, would do well to reach out to a regional fashion blogger and propose a cooperative venture of some sort. If you own a legal practise, it’s a good idea to do the same thing with local companies you’ve dealt with in the past; for example, you could have assisted one of these companies with its incorporation when it first opened its doors. Opportunities abound in the real estate industry, since those whom you’ve assisted in buying or selling houses represent a potentially lucrative clientele. You can get new user-generated content from influencers since they are so good at making material that is authentic to them and their audience.

Having your influencers host a contest from their pages is another option. To the extent that you can, you should offer a free sample of your wares. To succeed with something like this, you don’t have to sacrifice much if the price is prohibitive. Any kind of gift, from branded t-shirts and tote bags to stickers, has proven to be just as popular as product giveaways themselves. Making the user feel unique is a goal we’ve returned to.

Sharing User-Generated Content on Instagram

Now that you have access to so much valuable information, let’s talk about how you can utilise it to increase your profile’s engagement and ultimately your conversion rate. Sharing user-created material on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram is possible so long as the content creator has not made their account private. But, Instagram allows private users to choose whether or not you may post a tagged photo or video in your Stories by checking a box on their profile. Those who tag you will usually choose this option.


Are people praising you? Use it again and again to show off actual individuals who are raving about you and your brand in their own words. True fans providing unprompted stuff does result in the finest content.

Message with a higher purpose

Look for user-created material that may be added to the discussion. Here’s a great example from Hydro Flask on Facebook: they shared an instructive post about how you can help them reduce single-use plastics, and a customer contributed a gorgeous nature shot featuring their product.

Make an impression on your target audience

When you need to publish something but are struggling for ideas, simply uploading a photo can be helpful even if it isn’t the best fit for your brand or audience. Use the material if it can bring a smile to someone’s face, spark an idea, start a conversation, provide useful information, or aid someone in need.

Advertise on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram

Your organic efforts can reach new heights if you have the means to invest in Facebook and Instagram ads. By promoting user-generated content on Instagram, you may increase your brand’s engagement, reach, visibility, and sales among new audiences as well as re-engage with those who may already be familiar with your brand. How much you can achieve on a daily budget of just $5 is mind boggling. With a larger marketing budget, you may reach a bigger audience, increase brand awareness, and accelerate the buying process. The earlier you can figure out which audiences, messages, and advertising are performing successfully, the sooner you can cut the ones that aren’t and increase the ones that are.

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