Instagram’s “Shadowban”: Just A Myth?

Instagram’s “Shadowban”: Just A Myth?

Brands and people alike may wonder if the Instagram shadowban is to blame for a sudden drop in engagement. There are a number of factors that might lead to a decline in Instagram account activity, but the Instagram Shadowban is often cited as the culprit.

Perhaps you have no concept of what it means to be “shadowbanned.” If this phenomena is to blame for your broken engagement, then how? Let’s dissect the shadowban, trace the origins of this urban legend, and get to the bottom of things: The shadowban on Instagram is nothing more than urban legend.

What You Need to Know About Instagram’s Shadowban

It’s not like the idea of a shadowban is something new; users have been complaining about it for years across many different online services. By blocking a person’s material, or “shadowbanning” them, a platform makes it more difficult for new users to find and follow that individual. Simply enough, shadowbanning is concealing a user’s material without disclosing this fact to the user. If an Instagram user suspects their account has been shadowbanned, one possible indicator is that they cannot discover content they previously found using a specific hashtag after posting it.

How to Regain an Engaged Relationship

Regaining followers on Instagram comes down to refining your existing Instagram strategy. The following four methods can be used independently to increase your Instagram engagement.

Superior Material

Give careful consideration to the information you publish. Feeds that selectively display visually pleasant photographs consistently outperform those whose users provide images of inferior quality. If it’s in keeping with your brand, a white-dominated feed may be just what the doctor ordered. Other companies use colour to reinforce their brand; one whose logo features orange and blue, for instance, may make an effort to feature those colours prominently across its Instagram feed. The point of using any Instagram theme is to generate a grid of photos that people will want to click the “follow” button on.

Rallying Cries

Making an active effort to incorporate calls to action into your captions is the next stage. Include questions like “What do you think?” to stimulate discussion and participation.


The reality regarding shadowbanning should motivate you to use more hashtags in your social media campaign, in addition to employing calls to action. One of the best methods to get your material seen by people who share a common interest is to utilise hashtags. Brands that include hashtags in their Instagram photos receive 12.6% more likes and comments than those who don’t.

How to Increase Instagram Followers

Don’t allow the possibility of a shadowban on Instagram prevent you from gaining the attention your company deserves. You’ll notice that the shadowban is nothing more than urban legend when you get followers and exposure for your business on Instagram.

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