8 Instagram Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

8 Instagram Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

In 2023, do you want more Instagram followers for your small business? Learn the top 8 Instagram growth tips tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs. We’ve discussed everything from simple tweaks you can make to your Instagram strategy (like using hashtags more effectively, coming up with fresh content ideas, and increasing engagement), to more substantial tactics like making use of’secret’ Instagram features, producing video content, and mastering the Instagram algorithm to accelerate expansion.

Create Instagram Reels

One of our best pieces of advice for 2023 is for small company owners to start using Instagram’s Reels function, which allows them to create short-form videos (much like TikTok). Your clients will adore interacting with the videos you make for Reels (see some ideas here) because of the wide variety of topics that may be covered. You can make Reels in the Instagram app itself, or you can use a video-editing programme like Boosted to make professional-looking promotional movies in a matter of minutes.

Use Hashtags

Strategically using hashtags is a crucial Instagram growth hacking approach in 2021, so make sure you’re using them. You may already be making use of hashtags, but are you doing it effectively? Instead of using generic hashtags that have millions of uses, focus on finding hashtags that are exclusive to your specialty.

Make Shareable Content

Third, make content that people will want to share; Instagram’s algorithm has changed to place a higher weight on shares, making it more vital than ever to do so. Simple quote images that your audience may connect to or find motivating are a terrific example of shareable content. Need some assistance coming up with ideas for your company’s blog? If you operate a small business, you may download our free guide “Brainstorm 20+ Social Media Content Ideas for Your Business in Less than an Hour” to learn how to create content quickly and effectively.

Encourage saves

Promote savings by making them more valuable in the algorithm, similar to how shares are presently. Don’t be hesitant to make direct calls to action at the conclusion of your Instagram posts; doing so will increase interaction. To join a contest, for instance, participants may need to “like” or “share” the post. Alternatively, you may include an arrow in the bottom right corner of your article and a call to action encouraging readers to save it.

Instagram Guides

The Instagram ‘Guides’ function, which was initially released in the spring of this year, is now available to all users. Instagram Guides let you construct curated collections of media and textual guides for your followers. Instagram Shop is a new shopping location within the Instagram app that lets people find new items from companies and businesses like yours. Your Product Guides may potentially be published there.

Increase Direct Messages (DMs)

Your small business must increase its DM activity if it wants to expand its Instagram following and its revenue this year. You may connect with your consumers on a more personal level, respond to their inquiries, and forge deeper relationships with Instagram Direct Messages. Learn all you need to know about Instagram direct messages right now. Take a look at “8 Quick Tips for Increasing Instagram Direct Messages from Buyers.”

Interact with Your Audience Before and After Posting

If you want your material to remain at the top of your followers’ feeds and Stories, you need to interact with them before and after you publish. Make sure your followers continue to see your posts in their feeds by engaging with the community beforehand (by commenting on several posts) and afterwards (by responding to direct messages, like old comments, etc.).

Post Stories

Finally, one of the most crucial factors in expanding your small business’ Instagram following is maintaining a regular schedule of Story posts. Unlike your regular Instagram feed, which doesn’t require daily updates, Instagram Stories should have new content added to it every day. This might be as easy as updating your followers on your current progress, reblogging one of your old posts, or just saying hello. Daily Instagram Story postings show followers that you’re engaged with the platform and ensure that your posts continue to appear in followers’ feeds.

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