How To Increase Instagram Followers In 2023: 12 Free And Premium Methods

How To Increase Instagram Followers In 2023: 12 Free And Premium Methods

More than 90% of all Instagram followers follow at least one brand, making it one of the best social media channels for businesses. It seems sense that we’d all like to expand our Instagram followings and grow our profiles.

Do you see having a million or 5,000 active Instagram followers? To get an advantage and gain more followers, you need something like Instagram SEO.

These are 12 strategies for growing your Instagram following. You may read the entire post to enhance your marketing techniques or develop brand-new ones from scratch, or you can click each Instagram growth tip for additional information.

1. Establish and maintain an Instagram content plan.

You do not have a great chance of increasing your following unless you have a well-defined and successful Instagram marketing plan as well as a number of original or niche concepts.

2. Improve the content on your Instagram account.

Regular users and business profiles on Instagram now have improved search possibilities. They may now search on the site using keywords in addition to hashtags.

The Instagram algorithm takes into account an Instagram post’s quality, type, and posting time in order to produce relevant results. In order to gain more followers, you need enhance your brand page.

3. Put a branded theme on your Instagram account.

Instagram is all about beautiful design and excellent content. Instead of random fuzzy photos, users on this social networking site like to view gorgeous photographs akin to those of well-known painters. Remember that you are up against expert photographers and videographers for their attention. You will lose the battle if your Instagram page resembles a giant family book filled with images in every possible format, colour, and time period.

4. Test out different Instagram content types.

Your Instagram feed may include a variety of things. The platform offers all the tools you need to engage your audience and produce eye-catching pictures, always refining them.

If the Instagram algorithm views your experiments favourably, it will promote your posts to the top of the Feed or Recommended Posts, where they will be visible to potential users. Thus variation in content also aids Instagram SEO.

5. Create personalised Instagram Stories stickers

Every day around the globe, at least one Instagram story is created and checked by close to 500 million people. Because many Instagram users prefer to follow Stories updates rather than Feed updates, using this format provides a solution to the issue “How to attract new followers?” 

Many users enjoy this function and will share stickers on their Instagram accounts by adding stickers to their Instagram Stories. Companies make an effort to stay up with them by adding relevant and popular content to Stories.

6. Use influencers to spread the word about your brand.

You may increase your Instagram following by following renowned blogs. Every industry and type of company has influencers on Instagram, I bet. It might also be beneficial to collaborate with companies who aren’t directly rivals of yours.

Of course, if your marketing budget permits it, you may execute a sponsored campaign with celebrities. Collaborations with micro-influencers, who typically have 10–30K followers, may increase subscriber counts just as well as they do.

7. Create a hashtag strategy.

Hashtags create the navigation on Instagram. As a marketer, it is your responsibility to incorporate and Instagram SEO-optimize your posts. Then, Instagram users will have no trouble finding your material by clicking on pertinent hashtags in other posts or conducting a search for relevant hashtags.

Instagram permits up to 30 hashtags per post, but avoid using too many. Nowadays, finding hashtags is simple. A social listening tool, a dedicated Instagram tool, or manual labour are all options.

8. Take action

You need to be sociable and active on Instagram if you want to see your account develop. Consumers are constantly drawn to the individual, human side of businesses. Finding a distinctive brand voice, defining its tone, and identifying the emotions it evokes are your duties as a marketing professional. Then include it in all of your Instagram strategies.

9. Examine Instagram advertising.

According to Hootsuite, there might be 1.16 billion Instagram users in 2020. Instagram Stories is one of the greatest mediums for showing your goods or services since it has a clear call to action. 89 percent of the time, they do better.

In addition to Instagram Stories, you have the option of scheduling Instagram advertising for Picture, Video, Carousel, Collection, Explore, IGTV, or Shopping. Each sort of advertisement features several CTA buttons and aids in achieving a number of marketing goals, including broadening the audience for your Instagram posts. As a consequence, any company may use ad technologies to effectively promote Instagram profiles.

10. Expand Instagram’s dissemination of content

When considering how to increase your Instagram following, you must consider both creating quality (and attractive) material and selecting a distribution strategy. Your material should to be self-promoting, educational, or amusing enough that the followers whose attention it captures would naturally want to share it. Let your creativity free and animate the notion of your material; it’s not a simple assignment to do yet feasible.

11. Be truthful

Some “specialists” in SMM could suggest that you just purchase phoney Instagram followers. They use the argument that a potential follower won’t look at a page with few subscribers to defend their actions. Although not the finest advise, this is one of the worst advice highlights.

12. Further advice

Listen to Gary Vaynerchuk’s account on how he built a large Instagram following if you still haven’t discovered the right strategy. Several of us listened to his counsel when we were just starting out in our professions, and it still holds true now!

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