How To Boost Website Traffic On Instagram?

How To Boost Website Traffic On Instagram?

Is Instagram a part of your marketing strategy?

Do you want to send people to your website?

You may get targeted visitors from Instagram with a little effort.

This post will teach you how to use the photo sharing service Instagram to increase visits to your website.

Include a link to your website in your bio

The “link in bio” strategy is the most popular means of directing Instagram users to a business’s website. You only have room for one link in your Instagram bio, so make it count. Simply navigate to your profile and add the URL in the Website field under the Edit tab.

The link in Birchbox’s Instagram bio below takes viewers to a special offer page in honour of the company’s patrons.
By including a link to in your Instagram bio, you can send your audience to a page that looks and functions just like your Instagram feed, from which they can buy your wares or read your articles just by clicking on an image.

The New York Times’ Instagram profile includes a link to the shopping website If a follower clicks the link, they will be directed to a carefully compiled website highlighting the day’s most important news. Users can select an image and read its backstory by clicking on it.
Learn what kind of content are the most popular with the help of an analytics dashboard. Create a content plan based on your best articles.

Instagram click monitoring can be used to boost online content (blog post) revenue and newsletter/email list subscription counts. Obviously, you want to monitor your click-through rate, so shortening your link with Bitly or creating a vanity URL can help you do just that.

Image Calls to Action

Create Instagram images with a conversion focus. An attractive image can have a call to action and a link to your website superimposed on top of it.

The image in the Canva post below serves as a call to action inviting viewers to participate in a giveaway for a free year of the service. Users are then prompted to visit the link in Canva’s bio by reading the caption.
This method works well for Instagram contests that need participants to submit their email addresses. You now have an excellent piece of branded content that can be easily shared and directs people to your contest.

Always Provide a Link

Instagram videos breathe life into digital narratives. Instagram videos receive three times as many clicks as images do, so spending 15 seconds telling a story is well worth it.

Dollar Shave Club is just one company that has found creative ways to employ video to liven up their Instagram page. One could compare their videos to an advertisement seen on television.
Instagram users are encouraged to visit Dollar Shave Club through videos that have a text overlay with the URL and a voiceover (“Shave with a fresh blade anytime; try Dollar Shave”). Quick, entertaining, and interesting, the videos pique curiosity and encourage further investigation.

Consider buying some Instagram ads

Instagram just recently made public the API for any businesses and brands to use. Those who put money into the platform can narrow their focus to people who share their interests. Spending money on ads on Instagram can help boost traffic to your website and sales from online stores.

Instagram advertisements with clickable links allow you to not only be creative, but also provide your followers with access to more information about your digital marketing efforts or attribute direct sales to Instagram.

Instagram advertisements can be either an image, a video, or a carousel.

Single photographs used in advertisements that tell a story.
Instagram’s carousel ads are a great way to showcase a visual tale by showcasing up to four images. This innovative kind of advertising has been quickly adopted by the retail sector, the auto industry, and the nonprofit sector. There is a Learn further button in all three ad formats that directs users to your website for further information.

Benefit from the Influence of Others

To increase exposure and expand your customer base, you may need a little help from outside sources. Collaborating with influential people is a great way to get your message heard.

Make connections with influencers in your field or field of interest (whether it fashion, beauty, sports, or something else entirely) to generate engaging posts on Instagram. Followers pay attention to influencers since they are familiar with them and value their opinions on products.
Make sure the influencers you’re working with are using compelling calls to action to direct traffic to your site. Instagram videos or compelling copy with a website link are two great ways to accomplish this.

Last Words

Instagram is rapidly becoming a profitable social media platform, with 2017 forecasts predicting it would generate more advertising revenue than both Twitter and Google combined. Using information gleaned from followers, you can develop content plans, promote blog pieces, and increase traffic, sales, and brand recognition with only one platform.

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